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Buildings have the power to determine how we feel, as well as how we function. Architects and builders would be wise to Inviting a psychologist to “pull up a couch” the drawing board to insure that the psychological effects of the built environment.

Impact of architecture in our lifestyle

What does a depth psychologist find at an architectural conference? You might first ask, “What is depth psychology?” With its origins in the work of Freud and Jung, depth psychology seeks to know what lies below the surface of conscious awareness as revealed via creative acts, symptoms, dreams, ideas, and other non-volitional experiences. It also considers what is not said/done as well as what is said/done as a way of understanding the human psyche vis a vis the social and physical landscape of which we are all a part.

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

Le Corbusier

Deep psychology 

Drawing on the insights of history, mythology, literature, anthropology, philosophy, and the arts, and using tools such a deep listening, dialoguing, narrative, and imagining, depth psychology offers multiple reflective and interpretive lenses.

Written by: Francesco Moneta

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